How to Treat Hemorrhoid in a Child In a Best Way


Hemorrhoids are nothing but an uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing medical condition that most of the people think that it is more likely to affect the elderly only. However, it does not mean that people should rule it out at an earlier age and that includes children who can actually also suffer from this condition and who might find the experience quite upsetting and traumatizing.      

Hemorrhoids And Its Causes in Children:

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles can take place when the hemorrhoids become swollen or inflated resulting in red bulges protruding from the skin. However, further this can causes blood in the stool, difficulty when straining and sometimes itching as well.


There are lots of things that can cause hemorrhoids in children. Sometimes sitting on hard surfaces, for example, is associated with the onset of hemorrhoids. This is something that can be a problem for most of the children who spend long periods sitting on wooden stools in their classrooms. However, this is also a problem for children who used to spend long times on the toilet. Children are also more likely to suffer from constipation and digestive problems as a result in hemorrhoids. Children are more likely to suffer from constipation and digestive problems as a result of poor diet. And this issue causes them to strain more when passing stool which can result in hemorrhoids. In order to help your child avoids hemorrhoids then it is very important to make sure that they drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Hemorrhoids can also cause because due to excessive straining when you try to pass stools. It will result that the veins around the anus and the lower part of the rectum get detailed and it can also result in itching mild bleeding and irritation. However, it is common conditions in adult children are also prone to developing this hemorrhoid condition. However, this can cause distress to not only the child but it will also distress the parents. There are lots of reasons why children develop hemorrhoid.

Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids in a Child:

High Fiber Diet:

High Fiber Diet

If you ever feel inconsistency of stools, you are required to have high dietary fiber and it is very essential for regular bowel movements. If you have a dietary that is poor in fiber can result in constipation over a period of time. However, unbeknownst to the child then will tend to strain a lot more when you try to pass stool and this can also result in the development of hemorrhoids over time. Sometimes feeding your child a diet high in fiber can also make sure regular and easy bowel movements. Some simple measures like eating more fresh vegetables and fruits with some bran flakes and whole bread and more than sufficient to help the process. You can try to avoid foods like ice-cream, milk and cheese because they are quite low in fiber.

Make Sure You Intake Good Water:

good water intake

Sometimes children tend not to drink sufficient amount of water every day. This will also help results in sluggish bowel movements and it can cause constipation. Also, increasing in water intake combined with increased fiber in the diet form an important part of treating children with hemorrhoids.

Try to Maintain Hygiene:

Try to Maintain Hygiene

Sometimes it is quite important that hygiene is maintained around the anal region because there may be a little leakage or bleeding at the site of the hemorrhoids. Also, itching can be controlled this way. Lots of recommendations have been made including taking warm bath because this can reduce the pain and the itching to great extent. You can take bath for about 30 minutes which is the most common recommendation. Also, if you use moistened toilet wipes then it would also be helpful.

Try Exercise:

Try Exercise:

If you keep your child active then it has been shown to maintain good physical health and normal bowel habits. Rest of the things are not needed for a child with hemorrhoids and as far as the anal area is kept clean and the child maintains a good diet and exercise can also add to the positive effect.


There are lots children who suffer from hemorrhoids. But these can be treated easily with home remedies and other treatment. Also, some of the people believe that can they can only be treated surgically. But I think the best way is to go with the treatment you can done at home because they are quite easy to do and also you do not need much money to try some home tips for treating hemorrhoids in children. Or you can also try a product called Venapro. This is the safer and the faster way to cure hemorrhoids in a child as well as in adults.