hemorrhoids surgery

Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that grow internally, which signifies they are within rectum, or external, and hence they occur outside the rectum.


Banding is office process for treating internal hemorrhoids. It is also known as rubber band ligation, that comprises of utilizing rigid band surrounding the base of hemorrhoid for obstructing blood supply. Banding frequently necessitates manifold methods. It’s not painful, but You might sense some discomfort or pressure but no pain for sure.


This modus operandi includes chemical injection within hemorrhoid. The chemical causes hemorrhoid to stops and shrink from bleeding. Majority of people acknowledge somewhat pain with shot.

Coagulation Therapy

Another name for coagulation therapy is infrared photocoagulation. Such cure uses heat, infrared light, or severe cold to shrink or retract hemmorrhoids. This procedure should only cnducted under doctor’s surveillance, and is generally performed using an anoscopy.


Hemorrhoidopexy is a times submitted to as clipper. It’s habitually handled being a 2aone day surgery and needs regional, general, or local anesthesia. Stapling is helpful in treating prolapsed hemorrhoids. Surgical staple resolves prolapsed hemorrhoid into place of your rectum and obstructs flow of blood such that tissue will contract and get reabsorbed. Stapling recovery is quick and less aching healing.

Different types and stages of hemorrhoids


Long time ago hemorrhoids was joke but there is no laughing matter. It is very painful and embarrassing and no one wants it.

It comes in different types and stages. Here are the 4 major types:

  • Internal – It occurs when internal veins undergo heavy pressure. The foremost sign is the blood in stool or tissue paper. It can be more painful when it turns into prolapsed. Prolapsed hemorrhoid slip down the anal cavity.
  • External – It is typically more painful and prone to bleeding. It can even produce burning which can be very discomforting and can be thrombosed or prolapsed.
  • Thrombosed – It is characterized as external hemorrhoids causing blood clots, which is extremely painful and requires surgery. The blood clot formed when the veins become inflamed and blood supply is stopped. When this happens, hemorrhoids split and causes clot formation under skin.
  • Prolapsed – It is characterized as internal hemorrhoids, which slips below anal cavity. This occurs because the tissues become weak.

The Four Stages of Hemorrhoids

  • Stage 1 – It is characterized by an internal hemorrhoids which is still above the anal cavity or the pectinate line. In this stage, the pain is not obvious as no sign is present at this stage, but you can feel mild discomfort and itching.
  • Stage 2 – At this stage the hemorrhoidal tissues begin to weaken and collapse that can make the condition move out the anal canal, but reversible. In second stage, it is typically more annoying and painful.
  • Stage 3 –This stage is characterized by prolapsed, but not reversible. It means that the prolapsed hemorrhoid cannot be pushed back inside like in stage 2. This stage is totally discomforting and painful.
  • Stage 4 – In this case it overhang from opening of rectum and remain hanging outside. It painful, prone to bleeding and there is chances of infection.

Best Treatment for hemorrhoid by Venapro

Treating this disease through natural ingredients is a good idea but the process is long and time consuming. To treat it natural and fast you got a powerful and effective treatment – Venapro. It is the strongest homeopathic cure, which contain highly potent natural ingredients blended in the right proportions to cure the root cause and the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

It is very effective medicine to treat or get relieve from hemorrhoid. It is in liquid form and packed within spray bottles. There is also oral supplement formulated into capsules. You just need to sprays the supplement under your tongue to get the result.

How Does Venapro Work?

This natural treatment works via its powerful and organic ingredients. The ingredients present in the supplement are very different from those in spray formulation. The spray ingredients contains horse chestnut, witch hazel and arnica which have the anti-inflammatory properties capable of reducing the swelling, and pain.

The other supplement ingredients include vitamin E, L-arginine, bilberry, plantain, zinc, oat straw, cascara sagrada, mullein, butcher’s broom, red sage, cayenne, horse chestnut and arnica. All these ingredients have different effects like anti-oxidant properties, strengthening cardiovascular system, improving the circulation, digestion and relaxing muscles. While some of the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties.

The combined effect of all these ingredients is highly effective as it is 100% natural with no artificial fillers and additives, which makes it side effect free.

Venapro Hemorrhoid Treatment Benefits

The important benefits of Venapro include:

  • This natural treatment eliminates the root cause of hemorrhoids and limits the chances of chronic or relapses.
  • Apart from curing the hemorrhoids, it even improves the digestion and colon health by reducing the chances of other diseases.
  • It works fast and provides best result.
  • It is cheaper than other product.

You must purchase this product to enjoy its full benefit.

Methods to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Follow these simple steps to prevent hemorrhoids:

  • Eat fiber-rich foods: Consume fiber-rich foods and vegetables are the great sources of fiber.
  • Consider eating fresh oranges: Have fresh oranges rescuer it contains flavonoids which is the powerful phytochemicals that promote the health of your veins. You can also add coconut oil to your diet. South Pacific tropical people consume coconuts in their diets that why many typical Western illnesses — including hemorrhoids are uncommon. Consume pure virgin coconut oil.
  • Drink plenty of water: Water is the best way to prevent many illness and skin related problems. So consume plenty of water and fiber.
  • Excercise: To keep your digestive tract stimulated exercise regularly.