13 Self Help Tips To Stop Hemorrhoids Pain And Bleeding Instantly…!

self help tips for hemorrhoids

Is your hemorrhoid pain and its associated problems causes severe discomforts to you? Well if yes, no need to struggle a lot with as this tutorial covers vital self help tips that will help you to stop hemorrhoids pain and bleeding in most effective manner.

What Cause Hemorrhoids Pain And Bleeding?

Hemorrhoids can occur due to poor diet, pregnancy, strain all through bowel movements, and repetition of constipation. Hemorrhoids are fundamentally varicose veins that shape within your anus or rectum mainly because of above normal pressure on that part of your body. If things get worse then they may start bleeding, that could be painful and hard to administer.

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Hemorrhoids are not something to be extremely worried about, but populace on blood thinners and cirrhosis of liver may acknowledge protracted and noteworthy bleeding. Some home remedies are stated below to help you cure them.

Self Help Tips To Cure Hemorrhoids Pain And Bleeding

Have a look at these self help tips for speeding up the healing process for painful and bleeding hemorrhoids:

1#Take a sitz bath:

sitz bath

This is a method where you put hips and buttocks into warm water. The damp heat of sitz bath can relax hemorrhoids and its painful sensations.

  • You can make use of shallow bath, or special device that fits the seat of toilet.
  • Soak anal region with warm water for 10 – 15 minutes and twice daily to get relief from your discomfort.

2#Use wet wipes:

Dry toilet paper can scrape the swollen, inflamed veins, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Hence you can use flushable or baby wipes as an alternative.

  • Ensure you utilize wipes with no aroma or alcohol, as these may annoy hemorrhoids.

3#Clean Yourself Tenderly

cleaning the rectal area

It’s very important for nay hemorrhoid sufferer to keep the genital area completely clean as it has the risk of spreading infection. It doesn’t mean you need to wipe the anus repeatedly after a bowel movement.

Instead of that you can take a short bath to clean yourself completely and then use a soft towel to dry the anus. You can add anti-infection products to your bath tub for complete cleanliness. OR just add Epsom salt to the lukewarm water as it is very effective in healing hemorrhoids pain.

4#Topical medications:

Several topical medications are intended to aid hemorrhoids, counting medicated wipes, creams, ointments, and suppositories.

  • Topical medications surround hydrocortisone or hazel, that can assist alleviate pain and itching connected to hemorrhoids.
  • Other medications are astringents, steroids, anesthetics, and antiseptics, but better consult doctor before getting used to such treatments.

5#Keep Yourself Hydrated

Try to keep your body hydrated as it is the best way for preventing constipation and minimizing hemorrhoids discomfort. Consuming 6-8 glasses of fluids is advisable. Due to dehydration, the body starts drawing fluid from organs like the intestine which causes hardening of the stool.  Water actually helps in easing the bowel movements so that you don’t need to strain hard yourself when popping.

6#Don’t Scratch

During hemorrhoids it’s quiet common to have itching issue in the rectal area but you need to keep it in minds that don’t scratch it.  as starching results to anal itching, inflammation and at last starts bleeding.

Continuous scratching leads to severe infection as well. You might feel little relief after scratching but shortly they will become more painful.

7#Change Your Posture

Sitting or standing for a longer hour certainly contributes to the pain of hemorrhoids. So, try to avoid sitting or standing for long periods. Instead you can take frequent movements to your body as its good for proper blood circulation.

Additionally, heavy objects lifting also cause pain and results to worsening the condition. So, don’t lift any heavy items if you are suffering from hemorrhoids.

8#Ease The Passage Of Stools

After increasing the intake of fiber and fluids to your diet, your stool will automatically get softer which ultimately help in easy bowel movement.

You can make your bowel move even smoother by lubricating your anus with a dab of petroleum jelly. Take a cotton swab or do it with your finger, to apply the petroleum jelly about ½ inches into the rectum.

9#For Pregnant Women

Treat Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies are more prone to hemorrhoids, as the uterus sits directly on the blood vessel which drains the hemorrhoids vein.  A very effective tip for pregnant hemorrhoid sufferer is that just lie down on your left for 20 minutes after 4-6 hours. This is very helpful tip for decreasing the pressure on the main vein, draining the lower half of the body.

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10#Limit Your Toilet Time

Prolonged sitting on the toilet causes the blood to pool and enlarge the vessels. So, don’t sit on the toilet pot unnecessarily until you feel urges of it.

11#Use Natural Therapies


As you know nature is the best healer for body health issue. If you want to try the natural remedy then also you will get so many options. But for the fastest healing of the hemorrhoids discomfort, the most recommended option is to use fresh Aloe Vera. Cut one of the plant’s leaves open lengthwise. Just cut off the spines and place the inside of the leaf on your anus. Keep it directly over the affected area.

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The application of Aloe Vera will give you instant relief from hemorrhoids inflammation and itchiness.

12#Foods To Avoid

Avoid Processed Foods

Salt is worst enemy for hemorrhoids as it causes liquid retention. Your body swells due to accumulation of water. At the same time, the blood vessels in your rectal area become inflamed. This result to bleeding, pain and discomfort like issues while using the washroom. So, try to avoid excess intake or extra salt taking habit in your meal.

You also need to reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, chocolates and fried food stuffs. As all these foods produce harder, dryer fecal matter which leads to occurrence of straining like issues.

13#Try The Venapro-Hemorrhoid Relief Formula

Alternatively to control hemorrhoids pain and bleeding instantly, you must use the Venapro -Hemorrhoid relief formula. As it is the most effective homeopathic solution to treat hemorrhoids naturally and effectively. It’s the safest way to get rid of your hemorrhoids discomfort.


All the aforementioned self help tips for hemorrhoid surely help you in healing the hemorrhoids discomfort fast. So, just try the above mentioned tips daily in lifestyle and prevent yourself completely from the hemorrhoids bleeding and pain.

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