How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last If left Untreated?

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last If left Untreated?

Being a hemorrhoid sufferer it’s very genuine to get concern about how much time will this health issue take to get heal. Well no need to feel shy for asking such queries or if you are suffering with this discomforting situation. As, the complete knowledge is very important if it’s a matter of your health issue.

Don’t worry here in this post you will get perfect and complete answer for all your queries related to hemorrhoids.  So, let’s get started….!

Overviews of Hemorrhoids

The veins present around the anus and in the rectum are swollen; this disease is known as Piles or Hemorrhoids.  The disease can be external or internal. 

There are two types of hemorrhoids depending on their location:

  • Internal hemorrhoids are usually seen in the anus around the beginning of your rectum. During physical examination by doctor, it quiet difficult to identify. Internal Hemorrhoids can push through your anus.
  • External hemorrhoids are present just under the skin of the anus. This can be easily identified as they easily get swollen up or protrude outside the rectum area. Along with that pain, itching and bleeding are also common meanwhile this. If inside the external hemorrhoid blood gets clot then it is known as thrombosed hemorrhoids.

The most problematic situation is when anyone having external hemorrhoids as it causes severe pain and itching in the rectum and anus.

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Various contributing factor associated with hemorrhoids this include:

  • straining during bowel movement
  • infection or inflammation of the rectum
  • sitting or standing in same position for long period
  • frequent diarrhea
  • pregnancy
  • constipation (passing hard stools)
  • poor diet
  • overuse of laxatives
  • Heredity factors and other rectal conditions.

How Much Time Period Is Required For Hemorrhoids To Go Away?

 Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own

No one can tell what exact time period is required for hemorrhoids to go away. But as per the experts observation an assumption is set to this, so have a look:

  • Although they can’t say definite time takes for hemorrhoids to heal but many people feel better after passing of two weeks.
  • If you are having small external or internal hemorrhoids then it can heal within 7 days.
  • However, internal hemorrhoids that enlarges and come out of the anus i.e prolapse hemorrhoids needs at least 2 months to get cured.
  • Whereas thrombosed external hemorrhoids may need longer time period of around 3 months to get heal.
  • Those who get hemorrhoid for the first time will get lesser time for the recovery but as the condition gets worse, healing may take longer time period.
  • Pregnant women experience constant pain and itching in the anal area. Although they can get temporary relief but symptoms may not improve until the pregnancy gets over.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last Without Treatment?

H-Hemorrhoids Formula works

Most of the hemorrhoid sufferers like you have the similar question that how long do the hemorrhoids last without treatment?  Well the answer is hemorrhoids can’t go away without proper treatment.

Some people feel better after 2-3 weeks. If it is left untreated then the hemorrhoids condition gets worsen and last option left is surgery. If proper treatment is done, then you can get rid of hemorrhoid within a month.

How Do Hemorrhoids Last During Pregnancy?

Treat Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the primary causes of hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, uterus grows up and it exerts pressure on the pelvic veins and the veins of vena cava. This leads to causes hemorrhoids and constipations like issue.  Meanwhile the pregnancy the level of progesterone hormone gets high, this causes the walls of the veins to relax and they swell more often. 

Pregnant women with ailment will continue to suffer from this condition until their pregnancy period completely gets over. Mostly it is seen that hemorrhoid issue gets resolved after nine month. But in server cases it is also seen that after the vaginal delivery the postpartum hemorrhoid issue gets originated.

How long does Hemorrhoids Bleed?

Rectal Bleeding

Hemorrhoids bleed when it gets burst; in that case blood comes out from the anus especially during the bowel movement. If the pressure is extended on vein, then it makes the hemorrhoids to burst. Well there are several reasons behind the bleeding hemorrhoids such overweight or sitting or longer period. When you encounter such rectal bleeding issue for the first time then only you need to take some immediate step to cure it well otherwise it will alleviate the problem more.

Immediate way to control pain caused by bleeding hemorrhoids:

  • Use a moist towel instead of using tissue paper.
  • Take a warm water bath adding eposme salt to it.
  • Apply cold compress by placing the ice bag on the anus to lessen the swelling.

Sometime the blood continues to blow for such cases you can make use of one the top recommended bleeding hemorrhoid homeopathic medicine i.e H- BL HEMORRHOIDS FORMULA. As it is the best medicine to control and treat bleeding hemorrhoids from its root. You can take complete overview of this hemorrhoid relief product from this below mentioned post.


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Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

Small external hemorrhoids go away by themselves while treating the symptoms with natural home remedies. As, some effective natural remedies are there that can heal hemorrhoids symptoms like inflammation and irritation around the anal opening.

To reduce pressure on the anus vein even doctor also recommends not to sit too long on the toilet. As, this will put more pressure building up around the anal region, that delay the healing process.

However some type of hemorrhoid may require medical intervention. Just have a look what medical procedures are there for several type of hemorrhoids treatment.


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The answer of question how long do hemorrhoids last depends on the severity of the condition and its position.