How To Cure Painful Hemorrhoids With Activated Charcoal

Charcoal Remedies for hemorrhoids


Have you heard about treating hemorrhoid with charcoal…. sounds weird right?  Well it’s the fact hemorrhoids pain and inflammation can effectively be treated with activated charcoal.

Don’t know how to use it? Well for this you don’t have to worry. As here in this post you will get to know the complete health benefits of using activated charcoal and why it is so effective in treating hemorrhoids. Also learn how to use activated charcoal to treat hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoid is one of the painful conditions that can affect entire daily activity, it is also very painful and uncomfortable. In hemorrhoids the veins around the anus or lower rectum are swollen and inflamed, sometime it also gets cracked and situation gets worst.

Hemorrhoids occur because of straining while having a bowel movement. Some other causes that can generate hemorrhoids situation such as pregnancy, aging, chronic constipation or diarrhea.

There are mainly two types of hemorrhoids internal and external, hemorrhoids inside the anus known as internal hemorrhoids and under the skin around the anus known as external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids usually are not dangerous or life threatening but it is very painful.

What is Activated Charcoal and How Will it Benefit My Health?

Activated Charcoal health benefits

Activated charcoal or Activated carbon or activated coal or carbo activates is a type of carbon processed to be low-volume pores that enhance the surface area available for adsorption toxin or chemical reactions. Its increased surface area and network of tiny pores makes the charcoal effective and exclusive medicinal qualities. When the activated charcoal taken internally it cleanse the entire digestive tract and cure lots of problematic health situations, such as unnecessary gas, heartburn, indigestion, and diarrhea which are the main causes of hemorrhoids.

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Fact About Activated Charcoal

According to some researches, a single cubic inch of activated charcoal is able to absorb the same of 150,000 square feet of toxins. It is one of the effective toxin cleansers. It has the well-earned reputation of being a worldwide antidote to cure /treat hemorrhoids, it easily absorbs lots of harmful chemicals present in our body.

 Its high quantity of microporosity, just a single gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2, as resolute by gas adsorption. Activated carbon is obtained from charcoal and increasingly, high-porosity biochar.

Why Activated Charcoal Is So Effective For Treating Hemorrhoids?

Undoubtedly, there are lots of home remedies are available to cure hemorrhoids, among all of them Activated charcoal is one. Activated charcoal is one of the known detox agent to soak up a host of heavy metals, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drug remnants that flow through your blood stream and cause an obstruction to the best health. Activated charcoal helps you body to get rid of harmful toxin, it absorbs the toxins from your body and then the toxins along with the charcoal are excluded. It help you to make your body clean and more toxin-free.


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Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal health benefits

  • It contains a negative ionic charge through which it can attract the positive ionic charges of toxins.
  • It get rid of heavy metals like lead and aluminum.
  • Refresh stinking smells.
  • It can get rid of signs of traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Cuts sores in the stomach.
  • You can use it as toothpaste to whiten teeth and eliminate stinking breath.
  • It cuts the gas issue.
  • Removes fungal toxins.
  • You can cure /treat hemorrhoids with activated charcoal

If you want to cure hemorrhoid with the help of charcoal medicine then you should read the below given steps. Act accordingly to treat hemorrhoid with activated charcoal.

How To Use Charcoal For Treating Hemorrhoids?

Step 1: Add 1 to 2 spoon of charcoal with a little water and add a little corn starch in order to help it stay moist. Make form a wet paste, try to make it moist but not crumbly or drippy.

Step 2: Take the created paste and spread it on one half of a folded paper towel or thin cloth or piece of gauze cut to well fit the affected area to be cured. If the affected area is small then you can use an empty teabag filled with charcoal. After making the cloth ready make sure that it should be moist, and carefully soaked with the paste.

Step 2: After it, cover the paste by folding over the other half of the paper towel or cloth. Put the charcoal poultice on the affected area but make sure that it completely covers the area.

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Step 3: Now, cover the poultice with plastic cut to partly cover the poultice by a single inch on all sides. The main reason of this trick is to keep it from drying out as if the charcoal gets dry then it will not be able to absorb.

Step 4: After finishing the bandaging or taping the poultice firmly in place, leave it on for more than a few hours, it is recommended to apply this procedure at night and leave it for overnight. And after completing 6 to 10 hours you can apply another poultice over the affected area.

Using charcoal internally you can get rid of gas, bloating, diarrhea, acid indigestion, colic, liver disease, peptic ulcers, hangovers and more. Activated charcoal is not destined for long time use but it able to effectively detoxify and reduce the healing time.

Alternative Option To Cure Hemorrhoids:

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Now you must have got how to activated charcoal can be used to treat hemorrhoids pain. Try it without any fear of side-effects as it’s a complete natural remedy to cure hemorrhoid right at your home. If in case this won’t work then also you need not to worry just go with the Venapro – hemorrhoid relief solution.

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