All About Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery – Pros/Cons And Limitations

All About Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Is your hemorrhoid condition get worsen and is your doctor suggested you for the laser hemorrhoid treatment?

If this is the situation then before approaching for surgical treatment it’s important to have complete knowledge of laser surgery procedure. Undoubtedly laser hemorrhoids surgery has become popular now and why not as there are numerous advantages and few disadvantages.

Though there are several treatment options for hemorrhoids and if the condition is not very severe, it can be easily cured with natural/medicinal treatment.  Surgery is considered when hemorrhoids are very painful and bleeding.

There are various surgery options like hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and laser. All the methods are different and here we will discuss about the laser surgery part in details. Here in this post, each and every detail regarding laser hemorrhoids surgery is discussed.

Laser Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure

Laser therapy is basically used for hardening and scarring of the internal hemorrhoids. In this procedure, hemorrhoid is completely vaporized with the use of carbon dioxide or a laser beam. Additionally, the thinners of laser beam are a factor which helps in easy swift and unimpaired healing after the procedure. This procedure is completely painless, which makes it smooth procedure for any hemorrhoid patients to go for. Most of the individuals who undergo through this procedure tend to have first, second or even third degree hemorrhoid in their anal area.


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Why Should You Go For The Laser Surgery?

 Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Laser surgery is also referred as  Infrared coagulation therapy. This surgical procedure of hemorrhoid uses infrared lights, heat or extreme cold to make the hemorrhoid retract and shrink down. This procedure is performed along with an Anoscope.

Anoscope is a device that physician uses during this surgery procedure. This device is being inserted into the anus to apply infrared light to your hemorrhoid. This causes some of the hemorrhoid vessels to get clot off, which cause scar tissue to form.  This scaring helps the hemorrhoids to shrink, reliving the patient’s symptoms.

Advantages Of Laser Treatment

There are various benefits of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery which are mentioned below

  • It is very painless procedure with quick healing.
  • Roughly in 98% of the cases, there is no requirement to get hospitalized after the procedure. Therefore, you can get back home the same day after the procedure.
  • During the procedure no smoke or steam is involved in the process. There is completely no sparkling which makes it much safer than other surgical procedure.
  • In other surgical procedure variety of other medical complications arises due to tissue death. While during this procedure no tissue is damaged around the region affected by the hemorrhoid.
  • Laser treatment ensures that you will have very less bleeding since the laser tends to seal the vessels.


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Disadvantages Of Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment

Laser treatment for hemorrhoid has some side-effects which are mentioned below:

  • There are more chances of getting herpes simplex virus that cause genital herpes and cold sores.
  • Not in all but in some cases excessive bleeding is encountered.
  • Infection post surgery and pain at the rectum.
  • Scarring marks and skin pigmentation changes (UMMC).
  • One time Treatment is not that effective all the time, repeated procedure might be required.
  • Often the patient is given a general anesthesia that has a different set of risk factor altogether.

Limitations Of The Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids Treatment

limitation of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

As much as the laser surgery for hemorrhoid treatment is beneficial, there are also some demerits that accompanied with the procedure. Some of these disadvantages don’t directly impact you and some are faced by the surgical experts who take you through the procedure. This Include:

  • Sometimes, have been known to cause some fires.
  • Laser equipment required for the procedure expensive. Due to this, the treatment may not be readily available in every parts of the world.
  • Surgical experts in operational room must put on special protective googles.
  • In case of laser cuts healthy tissues in the process, it leads to severe damage of the tissue accompanied by uncontrollable bleeding.

Alternative Solution To Hemorrhoid Surgery

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Information you have read so far will surely gonna help you understand why this procedure has lots of reputation in destruction of hemorrhoids. You don’t need to worry a lot about the disadvantages stated since they rarely occur. If you have set your mind for laser surgery to treat hemorrhoid, then also you are already equipped with the necessary facts and figures of the procedure. Or else you can go with the alternative option i.e Venapro.

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