Itching Hemorrhoids: Cure It Using Natural Cures

ithcing hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids which is also known as piles, occur when the veins around the anus or inside the anus becomes inflamed or distended. This condition can be very painful and can be for longer time. It has many symptoms and common is irritating but it can be treated at home but sometimes it bleeds heavily which can lead to surgery also. Therefore people should take care of it by treating the disease without knowing its side effects. Though there are lots of home remedies which can be helpful to cure hemorrhoids but it should be used with cure.

What are the symptoms of itching hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are categorized in two ways and the symptoms depends on the infection type whether it is internal or external. It can cause itching to many men, bleeding and pain which can sometimes is unable to tolerate. Rectal bleeding is the symptom of internal hemorrhoids which is also noticed as red streaks on toilet paper but in some other places also blood can be seen. Itching is very much irritating because you can’t control while itching but if you start itching then it can be painful and blood can appear which can also be harmful for the treatment.

What are the causes of itching hemorrhoids?


Causes are various but some common includes hurting at tool, prolonged sitting, changing the diet such as red pepper along with mustard and constipation can lead to itching hemorrhoids. Even drinking coffee and too much alcohol can also be the reason for it. Some other causes include stress and also to women at the time of pregnancy because of pressure of fetus in the abdomen along with hormonal changes which cause blood vessels to enlarge. In addition, chronic diarrhea, obesity and anal intercourse can also lead to itching hemorrhoids.

What is the conventional treatment?

There are several natural ways to treat this condition which can be helpful. There are many hemorrhoids which get removed after few days on its own but some may become stubborn and needs surgical intervention. When any method does not work then you should try some natural cure that can be beneficial. There are various natural treatment which helps to get rid of irritation and people can have a relief.

Cold compress

ColdCompressWith cold compress, the hemorrhoids will reduce in size and also the pain will decrease. It can provide immediate relief from such condition and the best thing is that the irritation will be removed. Juts wrap some ice on cotton cloth and then use it on the hemorrhoids. By this way, it will be helpful as it will compress the blood vessels and helps you to get rid of hemorrhoids effectively.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarIf you are suffering from hemorrhoids then pure and natural apple cider vinegar is known to be the most effective foods to cure itching hemorrhoids. If you have external hemorrhoids then use apple cider vinegar after taking it on cotton ball and apply on hemorrhoids. This can provide instant relief, though first time applying can give a feeling of stinging sensation but it will decrease itching and pain. Taking a teaspoon of vinegar with water may be helpful from internal hemorrhoids.

Aloe Vera

AloeThis is a natural ingredient that can provide instant relief from hemorrhoids. It has an anti-inflammatory action which helps to reduce the symptoms in easy way. Cut stripes of aloe vera by leaving all the thorns and freeze it. After that apply on the affected part and you can get relief immediate. And if you have external then the gel extracted from aloe vera, apply it on affected part which can soothe and hydrate the swollen veins.

Homeopathic Hemorrhoids treatment

venaproOne of the efficient ways to treat itching hemorrhoids includes Venapro which is a popular remedy for such condition. This is designed with natural ingredients only to treat hemorrhoids and it is among several other treatments available in market or online. It can be used at home without any fear and it can be purchased without doctor’s prescription. This is completely naturally made treatment which doesn’t have any side effects. This is clinically tested and the treatment is effective after using and gives results only in few days.

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