Everything About Hemorrhoid Surgery: Type Of Surgeries, Complications, Costs and More

Hemorrhoid Surgery treatment

Is your hemorrhoid condition is worsen too much that you can’t tolerate it anymore? Or is more doctors recommended you to go for the surgery as it is the last option to treat your hemorrhoid?

If you are the one who is dealing with such situations and making a decision to go for the surgery. Then it’s important for you to take complete knowledge regarding hemorrhoid surgery procedures.

To help you in grabbing the complete information about the hemorrhoid surgery here we have listed down each and every point necessary to know regarding Surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment option.

What Type Of Hemorrhoid Treated With Surgery?

Type Of Hemorrhoid Treated With Surgery

Internal hemorrhoid causes no discomfort. It may bleed painlessly after bowel movement. It cause problem when severer bleeding suddenly get started. But usually it is seen that internal hemorrhoid can easily been cured with natural/herbal/home remedies and medicine/ointment usage.

Even in the External hemorrhoids bleeding is observed after the bowel movements because they often cause itchiness and pain. Another common complication with the external hemorrhoids is the formation of blood clots inside the vessel which is also known as Thrombosed Hemorrhoid.

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This blood clots lumps are usually life threatening and it can cause sharp, severe pain. For the proper treatment of such Thrombosed external Hemorrhoid surgery is the best recommended option suggested by many of the rectum surgeon or doctors.

Types Of Hemorrhoid Surgery

Mainly the surgical hemorrhoid treatment is distributed in two different categories. They are:

  • Surgery without anesthesia
  • Surgery with anesthesia

Surgeries Without Anesthetic

Surgeries without anesthetic

This type of hemorrhoid surgery treatment is mainly done in your doctor’s chamber without anesthetic.


This surgery treatment is usually done to treat bleeding hemorrhoids and the procedure is also called rubber band ligation. In this surgery process a tight band is applied around the hemorrhoids to cut off the blood supply.

It usually requires 2-3 procedures that take place about 2 months apart. It’s not that painful and you may feel mild pressure and discomfort.


Banding surgical treatment is not recommended for those who all are taking blood thinners as this will increases the risk of bleeding complications.



Sclerotherapy surgery procedure involves injecting a chemical into the hemorrhoid. The chemical intervention results in shrinking of hemorrhoids and stops it from bleeding too. You may feel little or almost no pain in this procedure.

It is the best success rates for small, external or internal hemorrhoids. There are very few known risks regarding this surgery procedure.

Infrared coagulation therapy

Infrared coagulation therapy is also known as Infrared Photocoagulation. This surgical procedure of hemorrhoiduses infrared lights, heat or extreme cold to make the hemorrhoid retract and shrink down. This procedure is performed along with an Anoscope.

Anoscope is a device that physician uses during this surgery procedure. This device is being inserted into the anus to apply infrared light to your hemorrhoid. This causes some of the hemorrhoid vessels to get clot off, which cause scar tissue to form.  This scaring helps the hemorrhoids to shrink, reliving the patient’s symptoms.

Hemorrhoidal artery ligation

Hemorrhoidal artery ligation

Hemorrhoidal artery ligation is also named as transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD). It’s another very convenient option to remove hemorrhoid.  In this procedure an enema is given to the patient before an hour of the surgery to clear the lower part of the bowel.

The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic. During the operation blood vessels feeding the hemorrhoid are identified using a special ultrasound probe. These vessels are then sutured to cut off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid.

It’s costs more than rubber banding and other surgical procedure and results in longer lasting pain. Moreover depending on the type of hemorrhoid, it’s an option if the rubber banding fails.

Surgeries With Anesthetic

Other type of hemorrhoid surgery is Surgeries with the help of anesthetic. These surgical procedures are needs to perform in a hospital.


Hemorrhoidectomy is basically usually for treating large external and internal hemorrhoid that are not responding or cured by non-surgically procedures.

In this procedure your surgeons make decisions with you on the best anesthesia to use during the surgery. Choices include:

  • General anesthesia, which take you into deep sleep throughout the surgery.
  • Regional anesthesia, in which such medications are used that numbs your body from the waist down.
  • Local anesthesia, this will numbs only your anus and rectum

If you get the local or regional anesthesia then you will also be given with a sedative that help you in relaxing during the surgery procedure.

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Once the anesthesia takes effect, your surgeon will cut out the large hemorrhoids. After the operation gets over, you will be taken to recovery room for a brief period of observation.  After checking out the patients vital signs by the medical team; patients are discharged from the hospital.

Note: Pain and infection are common risks associated with this type of surgery.


Hemorrhoidopexy is also known as stapling. Stapling is used to treat prolapsed hemorrhoids. A surgical staple fixes the prolapsed hemorrhoid back into the place inside your rectum and cut off the blood supply, so that the tissue will get shrinked and reabsorbed.

Well Stapling surgery takes less time to get recover and is less painful as compared to hemorrhoidectomy.

Who Is Eligible For The Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Both of these surgical procedures hemorrhoidectomy as well as the hemorrhoid-stapling surgery are highly effective in treating piles. Surgeries are highly efficient in treating piles. Surgery to remove hemorrhoids would be recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Those who are having both internal as well as external hemorrhoids.
  • There are basically fourth -degree of intensity in the condition of piles but a general physician or surgeon may recommend either of these surgeries to people who suffer from third and fourth -degree hemorrhoids.

Who Is Not Eligible For The hemorrhoid surgery treatment?

Those who are not eligible to go for hemorrhoid surgery treatment are:

  • Patients who have first and second degree hemorrhoid which is less severe; and can be treated even without surgery.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Those who suffer from other conditions that are severe which might lead to complications.
  • Patients whose Hemorrhoids are small in size and can be treated with Dietary or lifestyle changes instead.

Risk factors/Complications AFTER Hemorrhoids Surgery

Risk factors/Complications AFTER Hemorrhoids Surgery


Pain is primary complication of hemorrhoidectomy surgery procedure. Many patients experience moderate to severe pain after traditional hemorrhoids surgery. This complication remains constant regardless of the instruments used by the surgeon. For the recovery take will take around 4 weeks.

Urinary Retention

In the above hemorhoids surgery, most of the patients experience urinary retention. This problem occurs because of the swelling in the rectum area and as a side of anesthesia. Those who get anesthesia at the spinal area; as spinal anesthesia cause numbness and paralysis below the waist.  Bladder is unable to contract to urinate.

Urination get normal after the anesthetic completely dispel, but besides that sitting in warm water can speed up relief.

Anal Stenosis

Anal stenosis is shrinking of the anal canal that impedes stool passage. It occurs after hemorrhoids surgery when a surgeon removes too much skin around the anus. This risk of complication increases with the number of surgery procedure surgeon removes the skin. To treat this, patients requires anal dilatation, or widening, or further surgery.


Surgery can lead to bleeding because hemorrhoid surgery involves the removal of bundles of blood vessels. This bleeding complication increases, especially in patients taking blood thinners and those with bleeding disorders. Sometime bleeding may stop on its own but sometime may require further intervention.

How Much Does Hemorrhoid Surgery Costs?

Hemorrhoid Surgery Costs

Hemorrhoid surgery costs depend on the locality and city in which you are going for the treatment. So, on an average estimation the surgery cost is like this.

  • For rubber band ligation – the cost usually ranges from$500 to $1,500, 

Depending on whether the doctor uses 1 or 3 band (as in some cases using three bands is more effective.)

  • For infrared coagulation- the cost per treatment usually ranges from $400 to $500, 

With an average of four treatments required, for a total of about$1,600 to $2,000.

  • And surgery, the most expensive method, ranges from about $9,000 to $12,000.
  • The cost of a Hemorrhoidectomy ranges from $2,873 to $4,649.

 Alternative Solution To Hemorrhoid Surgery

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Now you must have acquired complete knowledge on hemorrhoid surgery after reading the complete post. So, now if the surgery is last option for your hemorrhoid case then make a wise decision as even the surgery also won’t give 100% guarantee of not having the hemorrhoid again in future.

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