11 Effective Acupressure Point For Treating Hemorrhoids And Fissures…!

Acupressure Point For Treating Hemorrhoids

Are you facing intolerable pain accused by hemorrhoids or fissures? Looking for some instant way to relieve down your discomfort?

Taking steps right at the onset of the hemorrhoids pain can give you instant relief. As, it is said that you have to take the diseases by the scruff of its neck before the disease catches you unawares.

To help you in this regard and to relive you from harsh pain of hemorrhoids we have stumbled down some most effective Acupressure Treatment For Piles.

So, what are you waiting for….. just start grabbing knowledge about how acupressure helps in treating hemorrhoids or fissures like health issues. OR what Acupressure Point should be applied for Treating Hemorrhoids. 

How Does Hemorrhoids And Acupressure Work Together?

Acupressure activates the central nervous system by concentrating on the general health and immune system of individual. Acupressure actually found very effective in reliving the piles by determining the specific patterns for points that has direct connection with the nerves passing from the anal area.

This therapy of hemorrhoid treatment decreases the blood stasis and promotes blood circulation to the rectal area. This further relives the inflammation and encourages the formation of new tissues in the body.

Moreover, hemorrhoids and acupressure work together by improving your mindset. It works effectively in improving the nervous communication and promotes the nerves to bring energy in the body.

Activating the Acupressure Points to Treat Piles Pain

Acupressure Points to Treat Piles Pain

For treating a patient dealing with the hemorrhoids pain by stimulating the acupressure piles, you need to be careful. As it is an extremely sensitive way for the treatment of piles.

The acupressure treatment should be done to a patient under the supervision of professional person who is well efficient in this task. As little mistake or applying pressure at the wrong place can give you more pain instead of reliving down your pain.

However activating the pressure point for treating hemorrhoids can enable fast recovery. Before starting with the treatment, you need to understand that you don’t have to use all the points, just activate one or two points. You can do this acupressure therapy anytime whenever you have some free time.

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1#Acupressure Point UB57 — Cheng Shan

Position: it is present just below the belly of muscle gastrocnemius.


Helps you in relieving from hemorrhoids, varicose vein, constipation, nagging calf muscles, poor blood circulation in legs, cramps in legs, low back pain.

 2#Acupressure Point UB60 — Kun Lun


This point is present in the depression between the external malleolus and tendon.


This gives you great relief from epilepsy, radiculitis, neck rigidity, sciatica, lower back pain, headache, numbness, backache, blurred vision, fever, pain in the heel, and nosebleed.

 3#Acupressure Point SP6 — San Yin Jiao


For this acupressure technique point is located on the inside surface of the leg which is at least 4 fingers width above the inner anklebone.


Balancing point has lots of benefits that starts from hemorrhoids,  along with loose stools, abdominal distention, irregular menstruation, chronic fatigue, amenorrhea, clinical depression, immune deficiency disorders, impotency, uterine bleeding, low sperm, treats hormonal imbalance, low sexual desire in men and women, warts, pain in the external genitalia, sterility in men and women,  varicose veins, insomnia, PMS, hot flashes, side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients and cold limbs.

 4#Acupressure Point SP8 — Di Ji


This acupressure point is present 3 body inches below sp9, on the medial border of the tibia.


This acupressure point helps in treating dysentery, works on anorexia, bulimia, edema, abdominal distention, severe uterine bleeding, neurotic vomiting, severe uterine cramps, impotence post part um hemorrhage, abdominal pain, difficulty in urination, diarrhea and side effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy.

5#Acupressure Point LU9 — Tai Yuan

Position: At the radial side of the wrist crease.


Apart from treating Hemorrhoids, it treats a arterial sclerosis, headache, neck rigidity, asthma, cough, poor circulation, migraine,  blood disorder, toothache, sore throat, facial paralysis, pain and weakness of the wrist.

6#Acupressure Point LI2 — Er Jian


This acupressure presents on the radial side of index finger, distal to the metacarpophalangeal


Perfect to treat hemorrhoids, nose bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen, sore throat, blurred vision.

 7#DU – 4 or GV -4 (Governing vessel meridian)

To rev up the vital yang energy of the hemorrhoid sufferer and treating all types of hemorrhoids DU – 4 or GV -4 is very effective acupressure therapy.  You have to press and release this acupressure point with your thumb for 1-2 minutes. Do it in the morning and in evening time for 4-5 days regularly


This point is present on the midline of the lower back in the depression just below the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra. It is located in the governing vessel meridian.


Other benefits of pressing this point:

– Tonifies the kidney.

– regulates the DU meridian.

-heals the body heat.

Helps in curing diseases like stiffness of the back , urinary disorders, lower back pain ,abdomen pain , impotence indigestion ,lumbago ,uterine and vaginal bleeding ,menopause ,irregular menstruation , cerebral congestion, leukorrhea ,intestinal colic pain ,coldness of limbs , hemorrhoids.

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Before doing a message, it’s important to drink lots of lukewarm water, this helps you to get rid of toxic substances in our body.

And of course you need to consult with an expert healthcare professional before beginning with acupressure to know whether it suits your health or body.

SOME MORE ….Acupressure Point For Piles Treatment

Acupressure Point For Piles Treatment

8#Gvl :

Softly press and massage the point the anus and tip of the tailbone ().  Press towards to tailbone until your anus got a sensation of soreness and distention. After then slowly release the pressed point.  Do this repeatedly for 2 minutes.


In this acupressure technique press and massage the point half finger’s-width from the tip of the tailbone on both sides for 1 minute.


For this you need to press and knead the point in the depression underneath the large muscle of the calf, just halfway in between the knee crease and the heel for around 1 minute.

 11#Er Bai:

Use your middle and index fingers to gently press and massage the points on inside of the forearm four thumb widths up from the wrist crease for 1 minute. There are two Er Bai for each arm.


Though you have learnt a lot about the acupressure point of hemorrhoids treatment but still you need to take complete care while performing such.