5 Ayurvedic Ways to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally….!

ayurvedic home remedies to cure hemorrhoids


Want to treat your hemorrhoid naturally but going through any surgical procedure? Well it’s the wisest option…! As treating your hemorrhoids problem naturally gives you two benefits: one stays way from any risk of side effect and secondly you don’t have to make much expenses over medical treatment. Even the surgically procedure don’t guarantees that you won’t get the hemorrhoid again future.

So, what’s the need of opting for such just go with the Ayurvedic Cure for Hemorrhoids. As, in ayurved there are several natural ingredient that can heal your hemorrhoids pain and discomfort easily and works on the root cause. So let’s get started …!

Ayurveda and Hemorrhoids

Ayurveda provides successful treatments for various disorders like cancer treatment. Like other disorders and problems you can also go with the natural ways to cure hemorrhoids and get relief from pain. Ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids can effectively deal with both internal and external hemorrhoids with ease. There are many ways through which Ayurveda can cut hemorrhoids some of them are diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements, medication, exercise and even massage.

We all know that the constipation is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids, most of the Ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids is based on ensuring good digestive health. However, if you are suffering from painful hemorrhoids then Ayurvedic cures will work over the hemorrhoids  symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Hemorrhoids is a condition that can make your daily life worst and painful, it is one of the painful and embarrassing situation for most. Even numerous of the hemorrhoids sufferers are unable to talk or discuss about it, just because of the embarrassment. isn’t it….?

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If you are one of them who are suffering from hemorrhoids and tolerating the pain secretly then now you don’t have to suffer from this painful condition for more. This blog contains the Ayurvedic Cure for Hemorrhoids. Simply follow the given Ayurvedic Treatment and get rid of hemorrhoids.

Before proceeding to the treatment first know little about hemorrhoids condition, hemorrhoids causes, and more.

About Hemorrhoids Types, Causes, And More…!

There are two types of hemorrhoids internal and external; both are painful and irritating. It is a condition in which the veins at the lower end of the rectum turn out to be inflamed and distended. When pressure on the rectum and the anus increases, it generate more pressure on the area around veins.

Once the veins become more inflamed, or sensitive, they may hurt and bleeding occur from rectal. Middle aged and older people can generally get affected with hemorrhoids, and people who are experiencing constipation very regularly. Read some causes of hemorrhoids below.

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Causes of Hemorrhoids

There are lots of causes of hemorrhoids, among them one of the most common and constant cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. Due to constipation the straining action gets increases while bowel moment and muscle gets cracked which can generate hemorrhoids.

  • Unprocessed gastric conditions,
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy
  • Inactive lifestyle,
  • Obesity, and
  • Genetic constitution

Top 5 Ayurvedic Remedies For Hemorrhoids

#1: Take the below given items as per the given quantity

  • Ripe bael fruit pulp = 1 oz
  • Sugar = 180gms
  • Powder of black peppers = 7 (in number)
  • Cardamom powder = 7gms.

Make a mixture of the entire given ingredient and take the mixture twice a day.

#2:Poultice of sesame (til) seeds

If you have bleeding hemorrhoids then you should apply the poultice made of sesame (til) seeds. This can cure this condition externally, apply it on the affected area completely as an external measure. In order to heal hemorrhoids internally you can take ½ teaspoon of sesame seeds orally with some butter.

#3: Radish or Muli for worst hemorrhoids

  • Make the hot poultice of dry radish (Muli) and take it, it is a good application for treating bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • The radish juice is very effective in hemorrhoids. Make 60 to 100 ml of radish juice and add little bit of salt, drink it twice a day for 40 days.

#4: Hareetaki or harad

This is a perfect remedy for constipation (which is the main cause of hemorrhoids), you can take 1 cup of decoction of the fruit peel of harad (Terminalia chebula) with jaggery before going to bed.

#5: Rose petals:

Take 11 rose petals and crushed with 50 ml of water, this mixture is very effective. It is recommended to take this mixture for 3 days on empty stomach. This can cure bleeding hemorrhoids.

Note: It is suggested to avoid banana fruit along with this treatment.

Special Recommendation:

  • Don’t take excess amount of tea.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Don’t eat salty, deep fried, oily and fast foods.
  • Avoid any situation that can rub the rectal area or affected area.
  • Take a lot of water and other fluids
  • Add fiber rich foods to your diet such as Whole grain, bran, cereals, breads with whole grains, fresh leafy vegetables, fruits.

It is hoped that all the above given Ayurvedic Treatment for hemorrhoids will help you to reduce pain and other symptoms. All the discussed natural remedies will help you to cure hemorrhoids naturally and permanently.


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